Why Testing is Important

Healthy Students – Safe, Open Schools

Across South Carolina, our dedicated educators have gone above and beyond during the hardest part of the pandemic thus far, teaching virtually when needed and coming back strong to help our students return to the classroom in a safe setting.

In addition to safety protocols and vaccination options, it’s still important to test for COVID-19 because the pandemic is still a threat. This is especially true in large group settings such as schools..

New evidence from Mathematica and Rand Corporation supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, finds that regular Covid-19 testing in primary and secondary education is critical to getting students back to in-person learning. The reports found that weekly testing of all students, teachers, and staff can reduce in-school infections by an estimated 50 percent and would give teachers the peace of mind to return to the classroom.

  • Keep kids in school and COVID out
  • Protect teachers and staff
  • Develop statistical evidence for decision-making
  • No cost to schools. COVID testing is one hundred percent free through federally allocated funding

Students Testing is Quick and Painless

Each week professional health care providers will come to your schools and test students and staff. They will use an anterior nares nasal swab test that is quick and accurate. This is NOT the test that tickles the brain, instead we just swab shallow in the nostril.

Here is a video of a recent testing event!

Reliable Results

Individual COVID-19 PCR testing is the gold standard test. With a gentle and simply anterior nares collection method, that simply tickles the nostril of your nose, MAKO can quickly and accurately determine if you have COVID-19 or not. This is test provides the highest sensitivity, accuracy, and specificity delivery results you can count on.”


Results are available in 24 hours or less via text message or email. Real-time reporting is shared directly with schools to allow for quick follow ups on results.

That’s it! Easy COVID-19 testing = safe students and open schools. We hope you’ll tell others so they sign up too!